All fims are password protected on vimeo.  Please send a request via the contact page if you would like to view one. 

my grandfather drew me a map (current)


A map reveals the pathway to a history buried.  A house becomes the locus of self-discovery. Past and present are reunited when a 2nd generation Estonian returns to the village of her grandparents.


you and me and s&g (2015)


You and Me and S&G is a reconstruction of childhood moments and a daughter’s relationship with her father. It is a hybrid of fiction and non-fiction narrative based in memory and presented in two parts: 1) You and Me; a home movie fragmentation of a daughter’s memory collections 2) You and Me and S&G; a fiction narrative based on a daughter’s relationship with her father.   Screening: Paramount Center at Emerson College


out  (2014)


A short fiction narrative.  A son comes home to find that his parents have finally done what they have always threatened to do.  


merela (of the sea)  (2014)


The lapping water and breeze through the trees sets a tone of calmness and tranquility that is juxtaposed by the traumatic history that brought the family to this place.  What aspects of the past exist today? What will live on in future generations?


moments from the fall (2013)


Flowers, rails and curves form the pathway along an emotional journey.

minute series (2013)


24 hours in a minute, a minute in a minute and 100 years are three one minute experimental observations of time manipulation through various frames per second.

parting  (2006)


A self-reflective film dealing with the parting of friends and the healing process involved.  Film Print screened at: Anthology Film Archive (New York, NY), University of Miami (Miami, FL), and The Coolidge Corner Theater (Boston, MA).



a cup of coffee (2014)


an excercise in gaffing, cinematography, and directing actors

still life with drinking (2014)


an excercise in production design, gaffing, cinematography and directing actors


only in dreams  (2012)


a direct animation to the opening of Weezer's Only in Dreams


a whale of a tale  (2012)


exploration through the optical printer.


analysis of pleasure  (2012)


Analyzing a kiss with the optical printer