Christina Hunt


My work is a process of self-reflection through a blending and blurring of home movie, documentary and fiction filmmaking. The main theme in my body of work is capturing the memory, emotion and aesthetics of an experience.


I shoot film and record sound on a regular basis and rely heavily on my intuition, a process of subconscious and conscious decision-making. I film my attractions as a way to integrate my sense of discovery into moments occurring in front of my lens.  The editing process provides the opportunity for a rediscovery of the experienced emotions as well as the surfacing and organization of unconscious themes.


Like all artists, the medium I work with is integral to my process.  The bolex is my instrument with which I frame my images, capture light and explore time.  I have a heightened awareness of the fragility of the process, which allows me to stop and expand on the moments I am capturing.